FJ cruiser Spare Tire Carrier Replacer Remover



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4 thoughts on “FJ cruiser Spare Tire Carrier Replacer Remover

  1. 1)What nut or bold did I need to use if I buy this cover ?
    2)Where should I place the reverse camera if I take off the back tyre which originally attached with the original reverse camera ?
    3)type of nut and bolt size?

    1. 1) You will use your original FJcruiser bolts
      2) On the bottom of the cover there is a hole for the camera

  2. 1- Do Camera bottom hole has something to hold the camera? (it should be rigid)
    2- Can you make it white color as per original FJ white?

    1. 1 – it has bottom hole with size like license plate lamp
      2 – We can manufacture with desired color (we need color code to make exactly you need)

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