FJ cruiser Air intake system Snorkel



 Air intake system for FJ cruiser (FJ Snorkel)

 – Buy behind fender link option with shipping to USA (569 USD)


 – Buy Under hood link option with shipping to USA (569 USD)


Professionally designed and developed Exclusive Air Intake Snorkel specially for FJ Cruiser 2007-2015 to make it more brutal and elegant.

Here it is additional information how it will be installed on your vehicle, by one of our very first buyer – Here it is additional guides and customers feedbacks about this item – 
The advantages of a new design include the following:
    1. Made from fiberglass (heavy duty construction) We are glad to offer for you attention, our durability check video
    2. Painted with RAPTOR U-POL
    3. Very fast and easy to set up, you don’t need to drill any holes, you need just remove right side under windshield panel and set up our Snorkel with using some sealant*. Don’t need any modifications of your car. We provide manuals and will answer any questions.
    4. Everything needed to install including clamps, intake joining pipes, bolts, nuts, screws.

      Easy to remove if necessary and move back to original view and functionality.

link to instruction:
1…… for 2007-2009 year
2…… for 2010-2014 year ( underwing connection)

 You may purchase this snorkel on ebay or leave us a request

 – Buy Under hood link option with shipping to USA (569 USD)

 – Buy behind fender link option with shipping to USA (569 USD)

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30 thoughts on “FJ cruiser Air intake system Snorkel

  1. Have these made in plastic and you will sell many more than fiberglass. Also cheaper to make.
    Please let me know how much it would cost to ship this to Santa Cruz, Bolivia.



    1. Hello! It will cost as it set on eBay.
      Plastic will not give such beautiful view, it will look much cheaper.

  2. Dear sir,

    I would like to order this item just few questions,,

    1. Can I change the writing on the snorkel to make custom writing.

    2. How much will it cost to ship to Oman. And how long will it take

    1. Hello! We have only two variants – we can make empty w/o any labels and with our brand labels

      1. I would like to order without any labels

        2010+ model

        Regarding the shipping can you please confirm the cost

  3. Can i ask of how to get this sort of paint and surface finish ?

    it really looks great i would like to try it on my car .

    1. Hello! Thank you for interesting! It will fit perfectly, all details about shipping and taxes you can find on ebay.

  4. I just bought one, super happy with it.
    It’s really worth the money.

    Super heavy duty and lightweight Snokel..
    Recommended for you. Super excellent seller via ebay.

  5. Hello.
    I have a FJ and live in Chile as it would be sent to Chile.
    The purchase is only for ebay.

    Best Regard.

  6. I interesting in buy an air intake for Toyota FJ Cruise 2007 but I do not see in eBay
    what other option to buy I have?

  7. I just got mine today. I don’t see any hole for the antenna to go through and I don’t see that grommet sleeve thing that you’ve got on yours. Please advise.

  8. I am interested in the FJ cruiser Air intake system for my 2007 FJ Cruiser. Is it possable to order the complete snorkle system without the graphics . I would prefer to have a smooth exterior. The textured paint is fine I simply would opt out of the lettering and designs.

    Thank You

    David Leger

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